JAMES BURNS                                        
Pro Triathlete         

 Schedule of Events  2014
Date Event Results
 02/15/2014 USA Track & Field Cross Country Nationals 38:42   25th place
04/13/2014 Florida 70.3 Ironman
05/18/2014 Memphis 5150 Olympic Triathlon
 06/01/2014  Raleigh 70.3 Ironman  
 06/08/2014  Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods 10 miler  
 06/15/2014  Boulder 70.3 Ironman  
 07/13/2014  Boulder Peak 5150 Olympic  
 07/28/2014  Kansas 5150 Olympic  
                  California 70.3  
2014 is definitely going to be an exciting and challenging year.  Triathlon will see me first at Ironman 70.3 Florida and I will be competing in running races as well.  I am also actively applying to medical school and medical masters programs to advance in a career in medicine!  All Training, All Racing and All Work!!  Keep on TRIing!  UPDATE*  Accepted to Georgetown University! Looking to finish up a great season and move forward at Georgetown University.  I will greatly miss Colorado Springs.
                            CONTACT EMAIL    JBURNSC@GMAIL.COM
   New Orleans 5150 
      Rev 3 Knoxville   

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